SANDBERG SYNDROME  series related to the artist himself, perceptions, illness executed in a
crude style

SHOCK AND AWE!    series of portraits of President George W Bush, and related imagery

SITCOM / VIOLENCE  incomplete series visually crossing violent events with corresponding
Television sitcoms

COMIC BOOK HERO / VILLAIN / FOOL  series investigating comics for stereotype

JOHN WAYNE STEREOTYPE  series contemplating the Western and American iconography

GAG SERIES series illustrating some well known Gag's and pranks

FIGURATIVELY OR FIGURATIVITY series based on figures of speech

EVERYTHING IS FINE  series in black and white on pre-9/11 global events and tensions

 series of Interior paintings related to the human brain

MARK MAKING  broad series of images based on painting itself (see ABSTRACTION)

INTERIORS  very large numbers of works on a virtual hemispheric space, metaphorical dome structure

IMAGE AND TEXT  another large body of work, or mode that includes many of the above series